The Film

A small discovery leads two adventurers to climb the cliffs of their home island and make unexpected discoveries. Their challenge, obstructed by tons of pollution that is swept up the coast every day, marks a shift in perspective and their interaction with our environment.

The Adventure

In May 2017 Esther Roeling and Paul Niel completed the first successful coasteering expedition of Hong Kong Island. In 6 days they climbed, swam, scrambled and hiked the entire coastline, took 51 water samples and mapped 163 trash pollution spots


Mike Sakas


Mike Sakas is a photographer from Colorado, USA now living in Hong Kong. He specializes in a documentary style and shoots Adventure Sports, fashion and Outdoor Sports.

Esther Roling

Executive Producer

Founder of the Adventure Clean up Challenge, Chef, Investor, runner, climber and globetrotter. Outdoor lover and organiser of the first multiple sports event with an environmental purpose.  Loves to engage in  new cultures through traveling the world with her daughter

Tom Boarder


Tom is a British-Australian producer, director and editor living in Hong Kong. Tom spent the first decade of his career producing media for commercial, consumer and corporate service brands, before shifting focus to social impact work. He seeks out opportunities to work on productions which will empower individuals and drive change through engaging stories. 

Paul Niel

Executive Producer

Investor, Explorer, Adventurer and Dad. Award winning Producer of “Tibetan Dreams” and “Education Explorers” Passionate about the environment, Paul loves to explore the world and find new challenges. From the Gobi Desert to Antarctica, from Hong Kong cliffs to Mount Everest. But most of all he likes to travel with his family. 


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